Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paintings featured in NO TEARS online magazine

This month i was lucky enough to have my paintings featured in the latest issue of NO TEARS magazine entitled Lost Paradise. Good Neighbors was even chosen for the cover! Other Featured artists are Morgan Craig, Alnis Stakle, Louise Thomas, Sejma Prodanovic, Bianca Van Baast, Michelle Valenton, Aquil Copier, Maja Obradovic, and Melissa Steckbauer. Thanks to the crew at NO TEARS and thanks to the other artists. I am honored to be among such excellent artwork!

Visit No Tears magazine online here

or here to download the magazine

NO TEARS magazine is a submission driven art & illustration magazine. Every 2- 3 months artists and designers present themselves in the magazine, featuring work that is of high quality but little known amongst a wider audience. It is a colorfoul mix of illustrations, street art, and photography, with a wide variety of angles, themes and styles. NO TEARS sees itself as a platform for promoting worldwide contemporary art and encouraging networking with it.

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