Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alas old blue subaru, Ill miss you

Luckily this is not a drawing of my old blue subaru legacy station wagon. On a trip down to NJ to visit family I stopped along the way to get my old blue subaru repaired before I got it reinspected. It cost a good bit, as it aways does. The added expense of replacing the windshield because of the tiny crack didnt help, but everything got done. While I waited for the car, I set out to use my time wisely and didnt have to walk very far to find this lovely still life.

Quick update: My car passed inspection with ease but I ended up selling it after having some problems with it. And by some problems, I mean all problems. Now I drive a little Scion! I dont regret the time I spent with old blue Subaru, but they were trying times. I hope he is having a good life with his new owner.

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Adam Preece said...

Oh, old cars will always be missed. But the good thing there is that you didn't leave your car wrecked or in bad condition. All break-ups are painful. But I think your Sub is happy with his new owner.