Monday, August 15, 2011

New Sculpture!

August brought the end to another Pre-college summer an I can say again, with the same enthusiasm I do each year - Pre-Colleges is one of my favorite teaching experiences. I taught Illustration and two sections of Drawing and all my classes were filled with impressive and ambitious students.

So now that work work is done, its time to get back to work in the studio. Earlier this week I was lucky enough to get the help of former classmate, colleague and friend Matt Clowney in order to photograph my newly completed sculpture. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Matt's expertise made the process easy and enjoyable. Check out his work at

Some of the results are below. Visit my webpage for more images and details.

This sculpture is the first in a series of small scale figures I am making. They all will ultimately be exhibited as a single installation. The common theme is borrowed from my sculpture "Hung Out to Dry in Vietnam", which features a young boy sized figure - about age 10 - hauling miniature fish folk on a water yolk. The boy is wearing a mask of an adult's face and shoes that resemble the foot in the sculpture above - life cast and Frankenstonian (Frankenstieny? is there a word for this?) The armature for the second sculpture already has clay on it and is progressing nicely. Ill have process pictures posted soon.


Cath Li said...

Hi Jesse!

I just really wanted to thank you for a fantastic summer. You've taught me so much. I've left illustration with more knowledge than what I've gotten out of art classes and participating in a critique forum for the past two years. Thank you for everything.

Your sculpture came out fantastic. I can't wait to see the next ones in the series.

WanderingArtist said...

These images are amazing. That model is magnificent