Friday, November 4, 2011

Its been a Some figure drawings!

It has indeed been a while since I've posted any new work or updates. It doesnt mean I havent been working though. I am struggling through another figure sculpture with life casting components and am working on drafts for a graphic story. As well, I have a full schedule teaching and taking classes. I am teaching Drawing I and II for Bristol CC this semester and loving both classes. This semester I got my first chance to teach Figure Drawing For RISD's Continuing Education Program. I love teaching for CE because the classes are always filled with eager and enthusiastic learners. This class is no exception!

I've posted some images of my figure drawings from Peter Zallinger's figure drawing I course I am taking at the Lyme academy. A few are posted here and more are on my webpage under the sketchbook section. We've been doing lots of long drawings and I am pretty excited about them. I've never spent more than 40 minutes consecutive drawing from the model before and am enjoying the extra time. I get to really work towards an aesthetic that way.

And...Big news! I am happy to announce that I am joining Montserrat's Illustration and animation department. I will be teaching Stop Motion animation this wintersession and an advanced drawing course called Cinematic Storytelling this spring. So next semester promises to be just as busy as this one. Its good to be busy.


Anonymous said...

are any of your artwork for sale?

Jesse Thompson said...

Sure, just contact me through email if you are interested in buying something.