Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring BREAK!

5 minute drawings from Jack Purcell's writing and
Drawing Comics class

As I am approaching a much anticipated Spring break, Im looking forward to almost a full week in studio - getting ahead on some work that has been dragging along. Im modeling two twenty four inch sculptures at the same time, though they are at very different stages of competion. A dedicated few days should bring the progress needed to post some meaningful pictures here on the blog and provide me some much needed momentum.

Up at Montserrat, my students are cranking out work in my Cinematic Storytelling Class, and in Fall River, my Drawing and Illustration students continue to surprise and inspire me.

Here in Providence I lucky enough to be taking Jack Purcell's Writing and Drawing Comics class at RISD. I've been toying around with some story ideas for a few years now and I think its time to get them down on paper. I can say enough about my fellow classmates - they have really inspired me to get cracking - the bar seems to get raised every class. And we are only two classes in!

Character sketches for a twenty page story

Sketchbook pages

Practice practice practice practice fabrics

A day of dentist (wisdom tooth), Walmart (pain
killers for wisdom tooth) and Dr. Sketchy's

A day in Beverly at Atomic Cafe and some notes from class while
we watched American Beauty

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